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a family sport  for the whole family
and my grandad
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As a recent convert to the sport- The camaraderie of all involved helps make this sport as good as it is"

Thank-you to everyone who made us feel welcome had a great time can't wait for the next one

Just back from a "top gear " karting day   -more later when my arms don't hurt so much-
AHHH drastic measures required...GO AMPHIBIOUS... do what I do best straight into the sea scrub speed then jibe Brilliant.. Worked Perfectly... Now look at GPS " What only 59.3mph -rubbish let me do that again.!!"-

The experienced members helped throughout the whole weekend, giving coaching advice and tips on how to improve. I now feel far more confident on how to control the blokart, how to get the best out of different wind conditions and get the maximum enjoyment out of the blokart.Thanks to everyone at the BLSA and Blokarters uk

I'd turned my blokart in some sort of Wind powered AMPHIBIOUS CRAFT- Surfing like a brick ---What a day!!! What a Beach...

In 2hrs 20 min Actual Sailing I covered 75.6 Miles..
My party trick was 180 degree spin followed by sudden deceleration from 45mph to almost 0 as I entered the sea backwards

The blokart grins are back - had forgotten what fun it is !

Had a "follow through" about 55mph, twisting and drifting towards the dunes

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